Hey there! I am thrilled to share my blog with you and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it, as much as I enjoy writing it !

I am a 31 years old woman borned in Iran, and I came in France when I was 7 years old. I know now what a cultural richness it is to belong to two such different and amazing countries. I am still deeply attached to my home country where my family still lives and to where I travel regularly.

Shirin Mohammadi

Why this blog  

  • As an Iranian-French young adult, I want to “make things right” as I truly have the feeling that Iran today is not given the right credit. I hear oh so many cliches, mostly because of what is relayed through the media. But Iran actually is a beautiful country with a great History and one of kind civilization. These are the aspects I will try to show through this blog.
  • Geopolitical climate in Iran is tense. But there is so much more about this country that is apart from its political situation. So this blog should also be a good support for people curious about this country and who might be looking to travel there.

3 little things to know about this blog

  • I will not deal with political or geopolitical subjects here, as my point is to talk about everydaylife in Iran, and other subjects that define the Iranian lifestyle such as the importance of traditions, food and gastronomy, new technologies, art …things we usually never hear about when it comes to Iran.
  • I don’t presume to have an absolute knowledge of everything, as Iran is a large country with a wide History, but I do have a thorough knowledge on some topics besides my own experience living and traveling there so I think the mix of knowledge and experience can be useful to the readers of this blog.
  • Finally, some of the topics I write about are mostly common to life in Tehran (capital of Iran) or other major cities. Some facts would not be very accurate for many provincial cities of Iran, which do not face the same process of “modernization” and “Westernisation” as in Tehran.

Please share with me your comments and thoughts, I would love to have your feedbacks to improve my work !