Farsi is a very figurative language and some typically Persian expressions are perfect examples of that rich language.
Here we go for 5 of the most mind-blowing expressions:


1. “Bemiram barat/”dardet to junam“: May I die for you / May your pain goes through my body

Yep, Persians have a very high sense of sacrifice and compassion! This expression, commonly used among Persians, could be transleted into “I am so sorry for you”. Simpler version, right ? 🙂

Example: your friend broke his leg. To show your deep empathy and concern, you could say: “Bemiram barat, what happened to you ?”




2. “Sheshmet kur, dandet narm“: May your eyes become blind and your ribs become softened

Mmmmm… isn’t that poetic ? 🙂 This sentance can be translated into “Serves you right!”.


May your eyes become_sparkling-iran


Example: your friend missed an important exam, having partied all night long. You can lecture him by saying: “Sheshmek kur, dandet narm, you should not have partied”



3. “Ash nakhordeh dahan sukhteh“: the soup was not eaten, but yet the mouth has burned

Yep, you’re reading this right! This expression is used when you’re been accused guilty of something you have actually nothing to do with.
So it’s like you’ve had your tongue burned while you’ve not even had the hot soup. Okay, a bit far-fetched…


Example: you’ve been accused of stealing money from a friend of yours. Here’s what you could say:  “I swear I had nothing to do with it! Unbelievable! Ash nakhordeh zabun sukhte!”



4. “Khak to saret“: dirt on your face!

I love this expression! It’s not a very nice one, but it sure is very figurative.  Let’s say that the closest translation could be “you  fool!”.
This expression can also be adressed to yourself: “khat to saram” (dirt on my face!). OK, this is getting strange !



To be used when you just realize you’ve made a huge mistake or forgot something very important.
Example: “Khak to saram! I forgot to turn the oven off before leaving the house!”



5. “Ba namak” : salty

Nothing to do with cooking or food, this means cute, adorable, funny! It can describe a person, a movie, a situation. Anything that can be fun, charming.



Example : “you’re so ba namak ! So fun/cute”.
The opposite version of that expression would be “be namak”: describing someone/something not very funny.

Stay tuned for Part 2 in an upcoming article 😉

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5 thoughts on “5 mind-blowing Persian expressions! Part 1

  1. This is a great idea and a great page..
    Just a few tips to make it even better and more understandable for non-Persian speakers:
    @2. Cheshmet koor, Dandet narm could translate to: May your eye become blind and your rib crack/break.
    @3 in the example: it should be Ash nakhorde Dahan sookhte, not Zabun sookhte. 😉
    And finally, “Ba namak” could translate to Tasty too, since even in Persian, we sometimes say “Ba mazeh” (Tasty) as an alternative for “Ba namak”.
    Merci Shirin

    1. Hi Reza jan and thank you very much for taking the time to share your commments ! Very useful indeed 🙂

  2. Salam, Shirin. Thank you so much for sharing. But I don’t know how to pronounce them.
    Can you also post the related audio (your recording) that I can learn how to pronounce?


  3. what a great page you have Shirin .
    I couldn’t help laughing on this article :))))))

    1. Thank you so much Farzaneh jan, really appreciate your kind words 🙂
      Have a nice day!


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